Cosmetic Dentistry For Small Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry For Small Teeth

People every day turn to cosmetic dentistry to address a myriad of smile imperfections, imperfections that can keep your smile from being one you're proud to show off. Aesthetic concerns are valid concerns, as it's your smile that often makes your very first impression. If you are concerned about having smaller than average teeth, cosmetic dentistry options from your Lincoln, NE, dentist may be able to help. Learn much more by reaching out to Dr. Thomas Blankenau of Caring Family Dentistry.


Using resin composite materials your dentist can reshape your teeth. It's the same materials that your dentist uses to repair chipped teeth or to correct gaps between them, and even for tooth-colored fillings. This versatile material is applied in thin layers, which are hardened with ultraviolet (UV) light, and this is built up until the desired appearance is achieved. They can then be trimmed and polished to a precision.


Perhaps the longest-lasting option is to use crowns to lengthen your teeth. Crowns are often used to repair and to protect teeth severely damaged by injury or decay so you are assured of their effectiveness. Crowns can be manufactured of strong tooth-colored materials in a lab in order to match the appearance of natural teeth. They are then bonded on top of your reshaped teeth.


Dental veneers are used to correct a great variety of smile imperfections so they too are an excellent cosmetic dentistry option from your Lincoln, NE, dentist. Veneers are thin yet durable shells that are bonded onto your teeth like crowns. They may not provide the same level of protection as a crown but veneers also allow you to preserve more of your teeth' natural structure.

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These are just some of the ways that cosmetic dentistry may be able to help with your small teeth.

If you live in or near Lincoln, NE and South Lincoln, NE, and are looking for cosmetic dentistry solutions for small teeth or any smile imperfection then your first step should be to schedule a consultation with Dr. Blankenau of Caring Family Dentistry by dialing (402) 423-9344.